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Can you access the borrowing you need to import or export goods for your business?  

Our experience tells us that importing and exporting businesses in New Zealand find it difficult to access cash flow in the current lending market. Banks don't understand your business, and other finance providers are slow, inflexible and don't respond to your needs. 
Bolster is a bespoke
lending service.
We are here for businesses that import and export goods.

Call us today. 0800 BOLSTER 

Our service enables you to raise short term pre and post- shipment finance using your commercial invoices. We are not an invoice factoring service. Unlike these services, we do not lock you in for a minimum period or a set monthly fee. 

We tailor terms individually, for every trade. We work to understand your needs and how your business operates, and we build a lending package made to fit. 


So why chose Bolster?

  • Hassle-free, digital process

  • Fast approval times

  • Tailored and affordable pricing

  • No minimum periods or set monthly fees

  • A proven track record in business and supporting Kiwi companies to succeed

Bolster is driven by its mission to support Kiwi businesses and grow New Zealand's next wave of trade wealth and prosperity.
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