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Confidential Trade Finance For Your NZ Business

Are you an importer? Get the funds to secure your goods.

What does Bolster do?

We help Kiwi importers get the cash they need to secure imported goods needed for their business.

We provide tailored trade finance solutions that enable importers access cash using their commercial invoices.

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International invoice financing from $10,000*.

Fee from 6%.

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Fast, easy and confidential financing.

*If you are after funding of over $400,000 at a low interest rate, we have partnered with global invoice financing firm Stenn. Contact us to find out more.

If you refer a friend, you both receive discounted rates.

How does Bolster work?

We discuss your needs, your business, how we can help, then go through a fast and simple assessment process

You contact Bolster on an invoice-by-invoice basis.
We pay you up to 90% of your invoice upfront, then you pay us this amount back plus a fee from 6%
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That’s it, your customer is kept out of the loop - sound good?
When does Bolster Trade Finance makes sense?

An Alternative To Business Loans That Makes Sense When:

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You need assistance with short-term cashflow

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You need quick and easy financing that is confidential from your customers

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You don’t need a long-term loan

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So many more reasons - why not call us to discuss? 0800 BOLSTER

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You don’t want to give your entire lending to a bank

Get your invoice financed today.
Apply below or call us to discuss your needs.

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